New Residents

Welcome to the City of Clute, Texas!

It is my pleasure to greet you on behalf of the City Council, the administration and staff, and all 11,400 people who choose to call Clute home. Whether you are a long time resident, a newcomer or just passing through, you have picked a very exciting time to live in, work in or visit Clute.

Clute is truly a great city in which to live, work, and play. I hope that you will take some time to look around Clute and see some of what this community has to offer to you and your family, whether you are looking for a place to spend the day or a place to call home.

If you have relocated to Clute, we are pleased you have become a part of our community. Feel free to stop by City Hall to become acquainted with your City management, and …  Again, welcome to our City. We look forward to serving you and encourage your active participation in City government.

Calvin Shiflet

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