Effective September 20, 2023 The City of Clute will no longer pickup recycling. All Trash left at the curb will be part of regular trash pickup.

The City of Clute reserves the right to refuse any unacceptable items.  For more detailed information please call 979-265-7939.

Yard Debris and Clippings

There will be no pickup for bags of leaves and yard clippings on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Those types of items will be picked up only on Thursdays and Fridays due to the abundance of household garbage on those specified days.  All large loads or multiple bags of yard debris will be picked up during scheduled heavy trash dates.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

For any questions regarding this matter please call the Sanitation Department at 979-265-7939.

Jon Pruett
Sanitation Supervisor
(979) 265-7939

The Sanitation Department provides for the removal of all trash and rubbish.  Each residence in the City receives regular collection service two times per week and special collection of large items and brush once per month.

Commercial collection service is available to commercial and industrial customers within the City of Clute.  Two sizes of dumpsters, 3 yard and 4 yard are available, rates are based on the size of dumpster and the number of days per week dumpster is set to be emptied.  Extra pickups are available at an additional charge by contacting City Hall to request an extra pickup.  NOTE: Dumpster services can only be provided by the City of Clute or Waste Management within the City of Clute.

Solid Waste Rates as of 8/15/2016:

 $                           24.09  $                         36.14
 $                         25.28  $                         37.92
3 Yard – Dump 3×2  $                       121.69
3 Yard – Dump 3×3  $                       182.59
3 Yard – Dump 3×4  $                       243.48
3 Yard – Dump 3×5  $                       304.27
3 Yard – Dump 3×6  $                       365.17
4 Yard – Dump 4×2  $                       151.90
4 Yard – Dump 4×3  $                       227.85
4 Yard – Dump 4×4  $                       303.80
4 Yard – Dump 4×5  $                       379.80
4  Yard – Dump 4×6  $                       455.75
Extra Pickup (each)  $                         53.00

Residential Service

Trash must be placed in disposable plastic bags (not grocery bags) and placed at the curb for collection not earlier than 5AM and not later than 8AM on the day of collection. Plastic garbage bags are available at city hall for $8.50 per roll (50 bags per roll).

Residents now can go to City hall and pay a deposit of $75.00 for a city a trash can.  For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 979-265-7939.  Please click on link for more info:
City Trash Cans
Cart Questions

Water and Sewer Rates

WATER 0 1,000 $14.77
1,000 20,000 $4.86
20,000 + $4.20
SEWER 0 1,000 $14.77
1,000 20,000 $4.86
20,000 + $0.00
WATER 0 1,000 $13.50
1,000 20,000 $3.95
20,000 + $4.20
SEWER 0 1,000 $13.50
1,000 20,000 $3.95
20,000 + $0.00

Heavy Trash/Brush Pick Up – Once Per Month By Zone

Residents may put heavy trash and brush out for pickup in their zone beginning the Saturday before their designated week, and no later than Sunday evening.  All brush, limbs & tree trimmings must be kept separated from other items.  Trash and debris is carried to the landfill. If a heavy trash pile is placed outside of zone the City will charge a pickup fee according to the size of the load. The fee must be paid before the pile is picked up. If failed to pay, additional fines can be added.

Heavy Trash Map/ Pickup Schedule
Heavy Trash 2024

Hazardous Waste

Home chemical can be taken to the Brazoria County Environmental Center.

For more information – Click Here.

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