Clute Pool FAQ’s

Is the pool going to open this summer?
No, it will not be open.

Will the pool ever re-open?
Yes, but the timeframe is uncertain at this point.

Why is the pool closed?
Our pool is almost 50 years old and does not meet the new minimum State Health & Safety requirements without extensive and expensive improvements.

Why don’t we just fix it?
Because it would require roughly $2m-$3m in repairs. Basically, we would have to break up most of the concrete that forms the pool in order to replace all of the current piping. At this point, it would be better to build a brand new pool that the City of Clute can get another 50 years out of instead of making repairs that may not last that long.

What is the plan for the future of the pool?
City Council has made it clear that the pool will be replaced. Currently it would be a $5m-$8m project. Council is working to decide how best to move forward with financing / building a new pool. The current economic situation makes it difficult to know when the funding will be available for such a large project.

Updated 06/15/23

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