Employee Benefits

The following is a listing of employee benefits and detailed descriptions of each:

VACATION PAY – All eligible personnel accrue vacation credits according to the following schedule.

SICK LEAVE – All eligible employees earn paid sick leave at a rate of ten (10) hours per month or one hundred twenty (120) hours per year.

HOLIDAYS – All eligible employees are entitled to holidays designated by the City Council each year.

BEREAVEMENT LEAVE – The City of Clute grants a maximum of five(5) days paid leave to regular full-time employees in case of death of immediate family members. Uses of this leave may include making funeral arrangements and attending funeral services including travel time.

TEXAS MUNICIPAL RETIREMENT SYSTEM – All full-time employees will be enrolled as a member of the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Members will deposit by payroll deduction, seven percent (7%) of their gross salary. The City currently matches the employee deposit 2 to 1.

SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM – All employees will make deductions, by payroll, to the Social Security system.

GROUP HEALTH & LIFE INSURANCE – All eligible employees are covered by a group health and life insurance program.

GROUP DENTAL INSURANCE – All eligible employees are covered by a dental insurance program. The premiums for this program are paid by the City.

UNIFORM ALLOWANCE – At the will of the City, and if financially feasible, the City furnishes uniforms or provide allowances for employees who must wear uniforms in the performance of their duties.

LONGEVITY PAY –The City of Clute provides longevity pay to all eligible employees in recognition of the value of long term service with the City.

SECTION 125 FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT – The City of Clute is currently offering pre-tax dependent care expense accounts and pre-tax unreimbursed health care expense accounts.

This is provided as general information and does not replace any benefits or procedures as outlined in the City of Clute Personnel Policy Handbook or in any other applicable administrative policies or procedures. These employee benefits are subject to change without notice by the employer. 

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