Code Enforcement/Health Inspections

Code Enforcement and Health Inspections 

City of Clute Codes and Ordinances have been created to protect the safety, health, and quality of life for the citizens of Clute. The division is responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for citizens, business owners and visitors by ensuring that all properties are maintained in a manner that encourages community pride, neighborhood integrity, public health, and maintains property values.

Code Enforcement Officers proactively enforce areas concerning dangerous buildings, substandard structures, excessively high grass and weeds, accumulation of trash and debris, illegal dumping, junked items, and other general nuisance related violations. They also conduct inspections and investigate complaints of food establishments in the city. Inspections of food establishments are designed to reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses and to educate those working with food.

Health Inspections

What is Health?

The mission of Health Services is to ensure the quality and safety of food service establishments for residents and visitors of the City of Clute. Food service establishments include restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, daycares, schools. Entities operating within the City are subject to strict regulations and held to a high standard of service to the City and its residents. 

What is Food Service?

Any establishment, operation, and business that stores, prepares, packages, services, vends, sells, or offers food for human consumption. 

Steve Upton, Director
Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement Officer II, Health Inspector/Plumbing Inspector #3808
Office: 979-265-2541 ext. 1111
Cell: 979-482-3990
Fax:  979-265-4551
Cary Roccaforte
Deputy Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement Officer
Office:  979-265-2541 ext. 1502
Cell:  979-480-3145
Fax:  979-265-4551
Irene Mackay
Code Enforcement Officer II, Health Inspector
Office:  979-265-2541 ext. 113
Cell:  979-482-7340
Fax 979-265-4551
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