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How Purchases are Made

The City is dedicated to the principles of competition and fair practices. The goal of the Staff is to conserve public funds through reduction in cost and improvement in quality materials and services purchased.

 City Locations:  Address: Telephone: Fax:
City Hall 108 E Main St, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-2541 (979) 265-4551
Police Department 104 E Main St, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-6194
Public Works 340 E Marion St, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-7939
Parks & Recreation 100 Parkview Drive, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-8392
Library 215 N Shanks, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-4582
Fire Department 100 Hargett St, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-4741
Municipal Court 108 Hargett St, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-5421
Clute Visitors Bureau 100 Parkview Drive, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-2508
Event Center 100 Parkview Drive, Clute, TX  77531 (979) 265-8392

Payment of Invoices:

To ensure prompt payment, ALL invoices should include the purchase order number and be sent to the following address:

City of Clute
Attention: Accounts Payable
108 E Main St
Clute, TX  77531

If payment information on an invoice is required, please contact the City of Clute, Accounts Payable (979) 265-2541.

Gifts and Gratuities

City employees are prohibited from accepting personal gifts or gratuities from current or potential vendors since this can be viewed as an influence in procurement decisions. We appreciate your assistance in adhering to this policy.

Questions or Comments?

We value your feedback and suggestions on what we can do to make your experience with the City of Clute a pleasant one. Please send email with your questions or comments.

City Purchasing Policy

Requests for Qualifications

From time to time, the City will issue Requests for Proposals and Qualifications which solicit various services related to various projects as specified in the RFP or RFQ. Those documents can be found by clicking here.

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