Press Release Statement


April 2, 2020


This afternoon the City of Clute was informed of another confirmed CoVid 19 Coronavirus case within the City Limits. This case is directly related to a previously reported case and again reaffirms that Community Spread is taking place in our area. SOCIAL DISTANCING is the most effective means of slowing the spread. Residents are urged to STAY SAFE AT HOME!
For more information on CoVid 19 cases in Brazoria County, please visit:
Clute continues to adapt its response to the CoVid 19 Pandemic and would like to remind our residents and customers of the following changes:
• The City WILL NOT TERMINATE ANY UTILITY SERVICE for the duration of this event and ALL FEES have been WAIVED.
• Customers needing on-site assistance from Public Works will be asked to stay inside their residence or business while the crew is on site.
• ALL PLAYGROUNDS at City Parks are OFF LIMITS, please for the safety of your children and our community avoid using the equipment. The parks are still open for activities that promote SOCIAL DISTANCING and now is a great time to teach your child proper throwing technique or kite flying. Please stay away from the playground.
• All meetings of the City Council, Boards and Commissions are cancelled until Thursday April 9, 2020.
• The City has suspended the collection of Heavy Trash, Brush and Recycling. Garbage service will be limited to regular household collection.
• All events Public and Private at all Parks and Recreation Facilities are cancelled.
• The City urges EVERYONE to support local business, but we want EVERYONE to USE COMMON SENSE and practice SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING. Give each other some space while in the stores or USE CURBSIDE PICKUP where available and PLEASE CURTAIL gatherings, parties and other events until further notice regardless of their location.
• IF YOU ARE SICK STAY AT HOME and follow directions from your Medical providers!
For information on the City’s response and other pertinent information please check the City’s website:, follow the City’s Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @CluteCityMgr and @CluteOEM.
Stay strong, stay positive and most importantly STAY HOME!
City of Clute