Code Enforcement

Steve Upton
Code Enforcement/Health Officer
(979) 265-2541 x1118

As Code Enforcement /Health Officer for the City of Clute my responsibilities are to seek and enhance the neighborhoods and the citizen's health, safety and general welfare through efficeint and effective City Code Enforcement.  All actions shall be conducted in a responsive and fair manner focusing on customer service and public awareness while respecting the property rights of our citizens.  The Code Enforcement Officer investigates City Ordinance violations adopted by the City at private and commercial properties on daily routine routes throughout the city also, phone calls or written complaints in person or by e-mail.

I have complied and fulfilled my requirements as a Code Enforcement Officer by attending seminars and continuing education classes in order to maintain my STATE OF TEXAS BASIC AND INTERMEDIATE CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER AND HEALTH INSPECTOR CERTIFICATIONS.

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If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call the number above or you may view the City of Clute Code of Ordinance on our website.